Still got diving spaces on Weymouth trips

It's seems it's getting harder and harder to fill spaces. I've still got two on Our W, diving April 8/9th out of Weymouth. The plan is to do the Pomerianian and the UB74 over the weekend, Both are in about 35m. Cost is £120. Use the contact link if you're interested.

Using rental equipment

Just before Xmas, I went for a short break to Lanzarote and did 4 dives while I was there. It was good viz and there were lots of fish including some large barracuda. I also saw a couple of sea horses which was good. As I was on a hand baggage only flight and equipment hire was €40 for the 2 days, I decided not to take my own kit. Normally, I dive with a long hose and a wing, so a traditional regulator set up and a jacket BCD is a bit of a novelty for me. It wasn't too bad though, but the big difference I did notice was fins.

My 2015 trips

Well 2015 proved to be a somewhat less successful year for my dive trips. I organised 3. One was cancelled completely and the other two only went ahead on one of the two days. That's UK diving for you. I'll be back with some trips for 2016, though I think the upper depth limit next year will be 45m and if we can get out on anything 30m or deeper, we'll go ahead. Trying to do offshore, deeper stuff is just too weather dependent.

First UK dive of the season

April is traditionally when I organise my first dive weekend of the year in Weymouth. After a week of great weather, it predictably blew up for the weekend and Saturday was a bit lumpy. The plan had been to do the St Dunstan, but I decided to switch to the Aeolian Skye because the wind was westerly. We did a drift on Lulworth Banks first and found plenty of scallops. I also saw 3 plaice and a couple of dogfish. Viz on the Skye was about 4m, so better than anything we had last year.

2015 Trips

A little early, but I've already booked 3 trips for next year. These are all out of Weymouth on RW Two.

  • 11/12 April (up to 35m)
  • 13/14 June (35-45m)
  • 11/12 July (50-60m)
Cost TBD, but it was £110 for two days this year, so won't be much more next year.

Falmouth 31st July - 2nd August

I had a 3 day, deeper wreck trip planned to Falmouth. The first wreck was the Rinovia. It was a trawler, converted to a minesweeper that hit a mine. Getting down the shot revealed the viz was once again terrible at around 1m and it was quite dark at 61m. It's not a very big wreck lengthwise, but it is quite tall in places. In that viz, it wasn't easy to make out an awful lot and the wreck itself is quite silty. The sea bed was very soft in the area. Bagging up, the viz dramatically improved at about 43m only to go back to being bad at around 9m.

Eastbourne 26/27th July

There were flat seas and blue skies as we made our way out to the Skerryvore, a wreck lying on the seabed in 41m. Sadly, like much of this year, the viz wasn't great. It wasn't terrible, or black, but there were a lot of bits in the water, so only about 3m. Sunday was much better when we went out to dive the pair of wrecks known as The Twins. I spent the whole dive on the larger of the two wrecks, the Irisbrook. The viz was much better at about 8m and it was one of the best dives of the season.

My Salcombe trip

I'd never dived out of Salcombe, just Plymouth, so I thought I'd give it a try. I booked Top Gun, which is normally based in Plymouth, for the weekend. There aren't any dive shops in Salcombe, so everyone needed to bring all their gas for the weekend. Most people were on rebreathers, so it wasn't really an issue for them, but I brought two twinsets and a stage. Accommodation also isn't cheap there, but I camped at Alston Campsite which kept the price down to under £20 for the two nights.

My Weymouth April trip

After having all three of my Weymouth trips cancelled due to the weather last year, the forecast for the first one of 2014 was encouraging. And the forecast proved to be correct. We had flat seas and the sunshine both days. So naturally the viz wasn't very good. After all, you never have all three in the UK.

First UK Sea Dives

I finally made in into the sea in the UK this weekend. It was a bit blowy, so we ended up in Portland Harbour. The viz was predictably not that great. We had about 1-2m on the Landing Craft and the Countess. Still, it had apparently been far worse a couple of weeks earlier, so it is getting better. The temperature was 10C, which is warm for this time of year. Lets hope it improves quickly.


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