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New 2014 trip

I've also booked Topgun for 21/22 June. Normally the boat goes out of Plymouth, but we're going to go out of Salcombe so that we can do the Riversdale and probably the Skaala. They're both in 45m. Getting gas isn't easy in Salcombe, so it would be best if you can bring all the gas you need for the weekend with you.

Dates for 2014 trips

I've finalised the dates for my 2014 trips out of Weymouth. They are:

April 12/13 (35m)
July 5/6 (60m max)
August 30/31 (60m max)

Hopefully the weather will be kinder next year. All three 2013 trips were cancelled.

At last a good day's diving in the UK

I'd been diving in Teignmouth a couple of week's before. The sun was out. The sky was blue and the sea was flat. Unfortunately, diving the Bretagne, the first 14m of water were clear, but then you hit the plankton bloom taking the viz down to about a metre. Last weekend, I finally experienced that rare combination of good weather, flat seas and good viz.

British Airways, the diver's favourite airline

I've just got back from a long weekend doing trimix dives in Spain. I flew over with BA and they've made an interesting change to their baggage policy. Hand luggage is now allowed to weigh up to 23kgs as long as you can lift it unaided into the overhead lockers. So with that and my 23kgs of hold luggage, I was able to take out four sets of regs, a drysuit, a stainless steel backplate and all the rest of my dive kit. I even had room for non-essential items such as clothes. So definitely a good option and of course food and drinks are included onboard.

Finally get in the sea

Well it took until May 19th, but I finally got in the sea in the UK in 2013. I went out of Swanage and did the Kyarra. It's only a 15 minute boat ride and is a big wreck in 30m. The viz was OK at around 4m, but it still hasn't warmed up much. My computer registered a chilly 11C. It should be warmer than that by now. The second dive was a drift over the Old Mussel Beds. We were travelling quite fast, but there wasn't much to see other than rocks. I saw one edible crab and one under sized scallop. It wasn't the most fascinating of dives, but at least all my kit worked.

Brazil trip reports

My Brazil trip reports are now available here.

Venezuela trip report

I've added my trip report for a couple of days diving in Mochima in Venezuela. It's here.

There's loads more to come as I also dived in Brazil on this trip. If you want to see the non-diving parts of the trip, you can check out my blog: Jason Mochilero

Trips filling up

It's only January, but my trips seem to be filling up a lot quicker this year, which is a welcome relief. My first two in Weymouth are already full. My trip to Plymouth, with a maximum depth of 45m, on Top Gun with Gary currently has 3 spaces left. The final trip, my trimix trip, is surprisingly empty. There's still plenty of spaces. Maximum depth will be 60m and I'm thinking of doing something like the Meknes and the more interesting of the two LSTs.

UK Dive Forum

For some time now, Yorkshire Divers has been the main UK diving forum, despite it's northern-centric name. However, it's recently undergone a change of management. The Terms and Conditions have changed making some people very unhappy and some of the moderators have set up their own, non-profit forum.
It's called The Dive Forum or TDF for short. Why not give it a look?

Day's Diving in Dover

On Sunday 27th May, I went to Dover to do a dive off of Neptune. I dived a wreck called the Anglia in about 30m on the low water slack. The viz was the best I've had in the UK this year, at 6m. There is a lot of bloom in the water though, which is hardly surprising given how much sun we've had recently. The water's starting to warm up too. It was almost 13C. I'd just bought a new pair of Fourth Element 5mm gloves.


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