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Using rental equipment

Submitted by admin on Thu, 12/29/2016 - 19:41

Just before Xmas, I went for a short break to Lanzarote and did 4 dives while I was there. It was good viz and there were lots of fish including some large barracuda. I also saw a couple of sea horses which was good. As I was on a hand baggage only flight and equipment hire was €40 for the 2 days, I decided not to take my own kit. Normally, I dive with a long hose and a wing, so a traditional regulator set up and a jacket BCD is a bit of a novelty for me. It wasn't too bad though, but the big difference I did notice was fins.

Normally I dive Mares Quattros. These fins are stiff. They scoop a lot of water and just one hard kick can be enough to change direction, kick against surge etc. With my Quattros, I can position myself as I like and can back fin if it's necessary, or more likely, if I want to show off. The fins I got on the first day were these floppy, Cressi things. I was not a fan and didn't have as much control as I would have liked especially in the surprisingly strong surge we experienced on the first day.

2nd day, I sorted myself out some Mares fins. They only had 2 channels rather than the 4 that give Quattros their name, but once again I was back in control. I couldn't really tell the difference between them and my Quattros so perhaps I should save myself some money next time as I think they're a fair bit cheaper.