Sal, Cape Verde, April 2015

Cape Verde is a country consisting of 10 volcanic islands 350 miles off the coast off west Africa. Originally discovered and colonised by the Portuguese, it gained independence in 1975. In recent years, the construction of international airports on the islands of Sal and Boa Vista have opened them up to package tourism from Europe.

Falmouth 31st July - 2nd August

I had a 3 day, deeper wreck trip planned to Falmouth. The first wreck was the Rinovia. It was a trawler, converted to a minesweeper that hit a mine. Getting down the shot revealed the viz was once again terrible at around 1m and it was quite dark at 61m. It's not a very big wreck lengthwise, but it is quite tall in places. In that viz, it wasn't easy to make out an awful lot and the wreck itself is quite silty. The sea bed was very soft in the area. Bagging up, the viz dramatically improved at about 43m only to go back to being bad at around 9m.


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