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Eastbourne, August 2012

Submitted by admin on Fri, 08/24/2012 - 15:33
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I booked on a Dive 125 individuals weekend. For a change, the weather was actually quite nice. Saturday's wreck was a new one for me, the Hoheweg. This is a relatively recent wreck which sank in 1955 as the result of a collision. It sits nicely upright in 38m and was an interesting dive. There are several places you could get inside her, including in what was apparently the coal bunker as there is still coal on the bottom. There were also a couple of nice holes to swim through at the bow and stern. The rudder is still intact, but the propeller must have been made of something expensive, as it's been salvaged. The viz was a reasonable 8m.

Sunday's dive was a site called the Twins. It's two wrecks for the price of one as they sank when the Ville De Bordeaux collided with the Irisbrook. They're not very twin like, however, as the Irisbrook is much larger and it was this wreck which was at the bottom of the shot in 38m, though it stands a good 5m upright. I swam around the bow and then to the large split on the port side which is where the collision occurred. The Ville De Bordeaux is then a short swim away. It's pretty easy to find as there is assorted junk for most of the short distance on the seabed. It was even easier, because someone else had lined off.

The Ville Be Bordeaux is deeper as the sea bed slopes down. I got 49m looking at the still intact propeller, though most of the deck is at around 43m. It also sits upright though there is a partial covering of sand in places. The wooden decking is still intact in most places, despite it having been down there since 1911. The depth meant that I didn't make it back to the Irisbrook, and bagged up still on the smaller wreck. Weather permitting, I should be back in September when I'll concentrate on the Irisbrook.