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At last a good day's diving in the UK

Submitted by admin on Tue, 07/16/2013 - 15:57

I'd been diving in Teignmouth a couple of week's before. The sun was out. The sky was blue and the sea was flat. Unfortunately, diving the Bretagne, the first 14m of water were clear, but then you hit the plankton bloom taking the viz down to about a metre. Last weekend, I finally experienced that rare combination of good weather, flat seas and good viz.

I dived with South West Diving on a couple of deeper wrecks. The first was the Australbush at about 62m. Conditions were good and the viz was about 8m. It's a pretty wreck as it's covered in pink sea fans.

The dive on the Sunday didn't go quite as well though. We did the East Point, a cargo ship torpedoed in 1917. It was supposed to be 64m and when I jumped in it was already slack, which wasn't an issue as there should have been a big slack window. However, I soon found myself at 68m and swimming into a current, which hadn't been on the surface. I made the wreck, but it took a while to get my breath back. The only other time I've dived this wreck, we had similar conditions, so there must be something about the site that produces strange currents. It's a shame because it's a big wreck, but I doubt I'll be rushing back.

Still, it was a good weekend and I saved a few pennies by camping at Venn Farm in the nearby village of Brixton.