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Weymouth, July 2010

Submitted by admin on Wed, 03/07/2012 - 15:53

Every year, I organise a deeper diving weekend in July ouy of Weymouth with Woody, and it's blown out practically every year. This morning, however, it was flat as a pancake as we sailed out of Weymouth harbour at 7.30am.

The plan was to do the Gripfast which is in 50m, due south of Portland Bill. We were onsite about 8.45 and after a few attempts at getting the shot in, in the water about 30 mins later.

The viz was great, around the 10m mark and I descended on a wreck that sits upright, about 5m proud in places, in about 50m on the LW slack.

There's a big boiler in the centre and what was obviously the spare prop right in front of it. Towards the bow, there's what's left of the other prop, though all but one blade appears to have sheared off. The rudder is no longer there, though you can clearly make out where it used to hang from.

A lot of the midships is quite collapsed and there are a few places you can stick your head in, but no real holes to get inside. The bows are intact and there's a big anchor hanging off the starboard side.

There were several lobsters on the wreck, but not huge amounts of fish, but that might be because the congers have eaten them all. I've never seen so many on one wreck. There must have been at least 25 and some of them were huge which heads almost as big as a human.

After 28 mins, I left the bottom and hit the surface at 70 mins. Deco was uneventful and the water has finally warmed out. My computer was reading 15C when it only read 11C 4 weeks ago.