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Trip Reports

As a keen, some would say obsessive diver, I've dived all over the world. During my travels, I've written trip reports about my experiences. I've dived extensively in warm places like the Maldives and the Caribbean, but I also dive in the UK regularly.

I've split the trip reports into the following regional sections

  • Africa with details of Egypt, Djibouti, Malawi and South Africa.
  • Australia with details of diving in WA, Qld, NT, NSW and Victoria
  • The Maldives which is my favourite place in the world to dive
  • Continental Europe, mostly in Spain
  • UK, mostly in England on the south coast, but also a trip to Scapa Flow
  • The Caribbean. The islands and the Mexican and Venezuelan mainland
  • South America. Just Brazil at the moment
  • The Rest Of The World. Places that didn't fit into another category