Weymouth, April 2012

I'd booked Friday off work and managed to pick up a space on Divetime. It's a large Cat and there were only 8 of us on board, so there was plenty of room. Sea conditions were nice and flat, partcularly considering the time of year. The first dive was on the M2, which was a Royal Navy submarine that sank in 1925 with the loss of all hands.

Weymouth, April 2009

I decided to book Woody and his boat RW Two for an early in the year trip. It was the first time he'd been out diving in 2009. The forecast looked good and so I headed down to Weymouth on the Friday night through the pouring rain. Ropes off was a slightly unsociable 8.15, but sadly I can't do anything about the tides.

Weymouth, June 2003

I arranged the trip on Our W. The plan was to do the Rotorua on the Saturday, which lies in about 60m and the Buccaneer (46m) on the Sunday. The rate of dropouts for the trip was pretty bad and there were only 7 of us on the Saturday. The Rotorua was an 11,130 gross tons liner which was torpedoed on the 22nd March 1917 by UC-17. It's a long way out from Weymouth, about 26 miles and is only do-able if you can go out there with the tide, which luckily we could

Weymouth, August 2002

This year's trip was 4 days long, so we got to avoid the traffic on the Friday night before the Bank Holiday. We were booked on Our W, skippered by that colourful character Woody. Friday morning, the sun was out and the sea was glassy. And the day before a Bank Holiday too!

Weymouth, August Bank Holiday 2001

UKRS trips have a reputation for being a bit techie, and largely I think it's undeserved. This time, however, we were planning to do some deeper stuff. Steve had booked Divetime, an Offshore 125, with enough room for 12 divers with full kit and a lift at the back to make getting back on the boat easier.

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