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Winter Portland Diving

Submitted by admin on Mon, 03/19/2012 - 13:48

Sunday 18th March saw me go down to Portland to do some local, winter diving. First dive was a drift across Balaclava Bay. Well it was supposed to be a drift, but there wasn't a lot of current. There were a lot of scallops though. I got a bagful. Visibility was about 3m except for one patch which I think was caused by other divers on the boat. The sea temperature was 10°C, 2 degrees warmer than the previous weekend in Eastbourne, but it usually gets colder the further east you go at this time of year.

2nd dive was the dredger. This wouldn't have been my first choice of dive, as frankly it's rubbish, but I was outvoted. People ask me why I organise my own trips despite all the hassle, and this is the reason. It's the only way I can ensure that I do the dives I want to do. It's permanently buoyed, so finding it was no issue. It took about 5 mins to swim round in its entirety, so then we headed down the outside of Portland harbour wall for a bit.

This was more interested as there were quite a few fish about, mostly wrasse swimming around the boulders. There were also some squat lobsters, a common garden variety lobster, various crabs and what looked like a couple white nudibranchs, though I can't find anything that looks like them on the web. Depth around the dredger is about 9m. Depending how far you swim along the wall, it gets deeper, though you'll have to swim a long way to beat 15m.