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Day's Diving in Dover

Submitted by admin on Tue, 05/29/2012 - 15:20

On Sunday 27th May, I went to Dover to do a dive off of Neptune. I dived a wreck called the Anglia in about 30m on the low water slack. The viz was the best I've had in the UK this year, at 6m. There is a lot of bloom in the water though, which is hardly surprising given how much sun we've had recently. The water's starting to warm up too. It was almost 13C. I'd just bought a new pair of Fourth Element 5mm gloves. They're quite hard to get off but they kept my hands warm, and they don't have that annoying habit that many dive gloves have of rolling up and exposing your wrists to the cold water.
Flat calm seas and sunshine made for a good day and it only cost me £25 for the boat.