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My Weymouth April trip

Submitted by admin on Mon, 04/14/2014 - 09:28

After having all three of my Weymouth trips cancelled due to the weather last year, the forecast for the first one of 2014 was encouraging. And the forecast proved to be correct. We had flat seas and the sunshine both days. So naturally the viz wasn't very good. After all, you never have all three in the UK.

The first dive was on the Ailsa Craig in about 37m on a HW tide. It got pretty dark past about 25m, though it was still possible to make out the white dead man's fingers on the wreck even without a torch. The top 15m or so was very green with fine plankton swirling around. Deeper, there was also plankton, but the bits were bigger. But even 2m viz was better than I was expecting after all those winter storms, so we were happy.

On Sunday we did the Frognor, which was also about 36m. The original plan had been to do the UB74, but it was deeper than expected and some of us had fills that were too rich for that depth. Mine should have been fine, but the dive shop didn't write the mix on my tanks when I took them in and gave me 32%. The viz was slightly worse than the previous day, but it was a nice dive on a sizeable wreck that I think I've only done once before. I'd like to go back and do it in better viz sometime.

I decided not to do the second, scallop dive on the Lulworth Banks. Those who did said the viz was about as long as your arm, but they still managed to find some scallops.